Communication Technologies

The purpose of the commercial civilian satellite is to facilitate communications around the world. SMS Teleport has the infrastructure and capabilities to offer the maximum flexibility, with leading edge technologies, to meet your every communications needs. Whether it is for broadband, IP, Internet, VoIP, IPTV, VPN, data, voice or video, SMS can provide the best satellite communications solution that is available in the global market.

With various hosted platforms from top leading manufactures, SMS has an extensive experience in all the latest technologies. With the constantly improving technologies coming forth – all our personal hands on experience to be continually updated, making us one of the leaders in the satellite communications technology in the United Kingdom and beyond.

Our current platforms range from small SCPC links utilizing market leaders such as Comtech, Newtech, Novelsat and Advantech, through various platform with the latest technologies such as iDirect, Vipersat, STMI and Newtec’s latest Dialog Hub allowing maximum efficiency and the most cost effective way to maximize the service throughput over the existing bandwidth.