SMS Teleport and siHealth Partner to Boost Mobile Healthcare Solutions

Rugby, UK: 8th June 2020: Satellite Mediaport Services Ltd. (SMS Teleport), the largest independent teleport in the United Kingdom, and siHealth Ltd., an innovative healthcare technology solutions company serving the healthcare industry, today announced a partnership for using satellite technologies to provide cognitive mobile healthcare solutions, to enhance and support disease prevention and a healthy lifestyle.

SMS Teleport will be providing siHealth with an array of teleport services enabling greater access to the satellite data required for its mobile solutions offerings.

“Healthcare’s transition towards utilisation of satellite-based technologies for innovative yet practical solutions provides another example of how SMS Teleport works with exciting movers and shakers like siHealth,” stated Zvi Golod, CEO of SMS Teleport. “We are very happy to be working with them and look forward to evolving a strong working relationship and supporting them to deliver change to the market.”

“Our satellite-based healthcare solutions help to support practitioners, clinicians, and healthcare providers to deliver the best healthcare possible. Solutions that fit naturally into the life flow of every individual’s, family’s and community’s daily activities, and uses the environment around us to our benefit. Together with partners like SMS Teleport, we are adding more utility and further refining the data our users can access to improve their health practices,” said Emilio Simeone, CEO of siHealth. “As we move into the summer, maintaining greater awareness of our surroundings and the Covid-19 virus, siHealth is looking forward to a welcoming future.”

About Satellite Mediaport Services Ltd. (SMS)

Satellite Mediaport Services Ltd. is the largest independent teleport in the United Kingdom, boasting an impressive array of more than 50 earth stations spread over 6 acres of beautiful landscape in the English countryside.

The recently upgraded teleport contains a comprehensive set of the latest communication technologies, operated through a modern setup of network operations and management facilities. With a global reach to the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa and with a line of sight to more than 100 satellites, SMS has everything you need to establish and sustain your Satellite communication business.

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 About SiHealth Ltd.

siHealth Ltd. develops cognitive mobile healthcare solutions that help practitioners, clinicians and healthcare providers seamlessly deliver world-class care to those who matter the most through accessible, innovative technology and services, using our surrounding environment to our advantage.

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SMS Teleport and siHealth Partner