Intelsat 21 @ 58° West

Intelsat 21 is a commercial communications satellite that was built by Boeing and operated by Intelsat Ltd., Luxembourg. Two deployable solar arrays and onboard batteries provide electrical power for the communications payload with an end-of-life power of 11.8 Kilowatts. Intelsat 21 features 24 C Band Transponders covering the western hemisphere and 36 Ku Band transponders offering mobility beams. The focus of Ku-Coverage for Intelsat 21 is South America. Intelsat 21 has a planned on-orbit service life of 15 years. The satellite is replacing Intelsat 9 at an Orbital Position of 58 degrees West in Geostationary Orbit.

Intelsat-21 Launch
IS-21 KU Mobility beam