Our Antennas

AntennaFrequency BandSize (Meters)SatelliteOrbital SlotPolarisation
LFD-01Ku Band3.7 mPendingPendingLinear
LFD-02Ku Band5.6 mIntelsat 1047.5° EastLinear
LFD-03Ku Band5.6 mBADR 426.0° EastLinear
LFD-04C Band8.1 mEutelsat 8 West B8.0° WestCircular
LFD-05C Band11.1 mBelintersat 151.5° EastCircular
LFD-06C Band4.0 mPendingPendingLinear
LFD-07Ku Band8.1 mEutelsat 8 West B8.0° WestLinear
LFD-08Ku Band1.8 mPendingPendingLinear
LFD-09Ku Band4.0 mSES 422.0° WestLinear
LFD-10C Band7.3 mPendingPendingLinear
LFD-11Ku Band6.1 mExpress AM653.0° EastLinear
LFD-12C Band4.6 mIntelsat 33e60.0° EastCircular
LFD-13C Band2.4 mPendingPendingLinear
LFD-14Ku Band7.2 mPendingPendingLinear
LFD-15C Band7.3 mAfricasat 1A / Azerspace 146.0° EastLinear
LFD-16Ku Band3.0 mPendingPendingLinear
LFD-17C Band9.3 mAfricasat 1A / Azerspace 146.0° EastLinear
LFD-18C Band9.1 mBelintersat 151.5° EastCircular
LFD-19Ku Band8.1 mTelstar 11N37.5° WestLinear
LFD-20Ku Band13.1 mTelstar 12 Vantage15.0° WestLinear
LFD-21C Band9.1 mNSS 1037.5° WestLinear
LFD-22Ku Band5.5 mIntelsat 2158.0° WestLinear
LFD-23Ku Band4.5 mSES 640.5° WestLinear
LFD-24Ku Band6.1 mTurkmenÄlem / MonacoSat52.0° EastLinear
LFD-25Ku Band9.3 mYamal 40254.9° EastLinear
LFD-26K Band (DBS)11.1 mAMOS 1717.0° EastLinear
LFD-27Ka Band13.5 mBADR 726.0° EastCircular
LFD-28K Band (DBS)3.8 mTurkmenÄlem / MonacoSat52.0° EastLinear
LFD-29Ku Band3.8 mEutelsat 7A7.0° EastLinear
LFD-30Ku Band3.8 mEutelsat 10A10.0° EastLinear
LFD-31C Band9.1 mPaksat 1R38.0° EastLinear
LFD-32C Band9.1 mAMOS 1717.0° EastLinear
LFD-33Ku Band8.1 mPendingPendingLinear
LFD-34Ku Band6.1 mPendingPendingLinear
LFD-35Ku Band6.4 mPendingPendingLinear
LFD-36C Band9.3 mPendingPendingCircular
TVR-01Ku Band1.2 mAstra 228.2° EastLinear
TVR-02Ku Band1.2 mAstra 323.5° EastLinear
TVR-03Ku Band1.2 mAstra 119.2° EastLinear
TVR-04Ku Band1.2 mHot Bird 1313° EastLinear

If you would like to know more about our satellite coverage or regarding any services on the antennas and satellites listed above, or for new services – please contact us.