Colocation and Hosting

Our secure Teleport facility provides a variety of colocation locations, supporting datacenter racks of up to 47 Rack Units. All of our hosting locations include 2kW Redundant and Protected Power for each rack. 

Our hosting areas are monitored around the clock, 365 days a year by our experienced team. Power and Environment are fully monitored; including the Teleport generator systems, UPS systems, main grid power, temperature, humidity and smoke detection.

Due to its military heritage, our Teleport has pre-existing security concepts built into its fundamental design and operation. Security features include a high 360° perimeter fence, CCTV coverage with advanced infrared and tracking systems, plus access control procedures. 
With entry to site by appointment only, and incoming delivery verification checks, we ensure a high level of site security at all times. Additional perimeter checks are performed throughout the day.
If you would like know more about our colocation solutions please contact us.