Africasat 1A / Azerspace 1 (46º East)

The Africasat 1A satellite was built by Orbital Sciences Corporation using a Star-2 platform. Weighing in at 3,000 kg at launch, the satellite is equipped with up to 24 C-band transponders and 12 Ku-band transponders.

The Satellite provides a wide range of telecommunications services for Azerbaijan, Central Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

With the recent expansion of services on the Africasat-1A satellite, SMS Teleport has increased the ground segment capacity in order to accommodate the additional services now operating on this satellite.

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Africasat 1A Satellite-Coverage.
Africasat 1A C-Band Total Coverage
Africasat-1A C-Band Total Coverage
Africasat 1A C-Band Africa-Europe Beam
Africasat-1A C-Band Africa-Europe Beam
Africasat 1A C-Band Central Asia and Europe Beam
Africasat-1A C-Band Central Asia and Europe Beam
Africasat 1A Ku-Band Total Coverage
Africasat-1A Ku-Band Total Coverage
Africasat 1A Ku-Band Europe Beam
Africasat-1A Ku-Band Europe Beam
Africasat 1A Ku-Band Central Asia Beam
Africasat-1A Ku-Band Central Asia Beam