Express AM44 (11° West)

A new broadcasting and communications Express AM44 launched in February, 2009. The satellite is designed to provide TV & radio broadcasting, telephony, data transmission, multimedia, mobile communications and uniform coverage.

The Express-AM44 spacecraft is equipped with up-to-date antenna systems, that provide high-quality communications.

From its orbital location of 11° West, Express-44 covers Europe, Middle East, Africa and east coast of America.

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Africasat 1A Satellite-Coverage.
Express AM44 C-Band Total Coverage
Express-AM44 C-Band Total Coverage
Express AM44 C-Band Global Beam
Express-AM44 C-Band Global Beam
Express AM44 C-Band Wide Beam
Express-AM44 C-Band Wide Beam
Express AM44 Ku-Band Total Coverage
Express-AM44 Ku-Band Total Coverage
Express AM44 Ku-Band European Beam
Express-AM44 Ku-Band European Beam
Express AM44 Ku-Band Middle East Beam
Express-AM44 Ku-Band Middle Eastern Beam