SMS allocates a new Antenna for Yamal 402 services

As part of a growing demand for services on the Yamal 402 KU Satellite, SMS has begun preparations in order to migrate the services to a larger antenna.

The current services that are running on our ASC Signal 5.6m station will be migrated to a GD Satcom 9.3m station with greater capabilities. With our fully redundant set up of 750W TWTA’s we are confident that with the enhanced capabilities we will be able to offer a better service on the Yamal 402 Satellite.

The coverage of the Yamal 402 Satellite can be found here –, you can also find additional information on the Gazprom website –

Please contact us if you would like to find out about the fantastic coverage and the performance of this Satellite.

LFD 25 GD Satcom 9.3m KU Band Antenna