Satellite & Sun Exposure: SMS Teleport Supports siHealth & NHS Clinical Trial

Rugby, UK: 18 May 2021

Satellite Mediaport Services Ltd. (SMS Teleport) is providing essential teleport services supporting siHealth Ltd.’s clinical trial with the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), evaluating the Sun4Health Mobile App, a digital platform for monitoring healthy sun exposure and vitamin D.

The Sun4Health Mobile App utilises siHealth’s satellite-based HappySun Technology to enable users to best balance sun exposure to avoid vitamin D deficiency and the associated risks of sunlight, such as sunburn.

Teleport services provided by SMS enable siHealth to access the necessary satellite data required for the Sun4Health Mobile App’s functionality, which monitors ground level solar radiation.

“Once again, SMS Teleport is privileged to support siHealth’s important clinical trial with the UK’s National Health Service,” stated Zvi Golod, CEO of SMS Teleport. “Utilisation of space-based technologies in healthcare is incredibly exciting. We look forward to seeing the results of the NHS trial and indeed, the impact of siHealth’s products on the future of healthcare.”

“Sun4Health clinical trial is seeking to make a real change in public health awareness. The phone app allows people to opitimise personal vitamin D levels thanks to sun exposure awareness and personalised life-style habits while simultaneously warning of over-exposure to sunlight,” commented Emilio Simeone, CEO of siHealth. “Together with SMS Teleport we are bridging the exciting frontier between satellite, smartphone apps and healthcare.”

About Satellite Mediaport Services Ltd. (SMS)

Satellite Mediaport Services Ltd. is the largest independent teleport in the United Kingdom, boasting an impressive array of more than 60 earth stations spread over 6 acres of beautiful landscape in the English countryside.

The recently upgraded teleport contains a comprehensive set of the latest communication technologies, operated through a modern setup of network operations and management facilities. With a global reach to the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa and with a line of sight to more than 120 satellites, SMS has everything you need to establish and sustain your Satellite communication business.

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About SiHealth Ltd.

siHealth Ltd. develops cognitive mobile healthcare solutions that help practitioners, clinicians and healthcare providers seamlessly deliver world-class care to those who matter the most through accessible, innovative technology and services, using our surrounding environment to our advantage.

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